"Multilingual" add-on gives you an ability to add localization to your shop-bot and show custom button labels, texts and messages according to a customer choice.
Make sure you have already connected Google Sheets. Open the "Texts" sheet and add a column with your language code (e.g "en", "fa", "ca").

After that add a translation for every field.
Next, you need to add texts that will be used as button labels during the checkout process.

Please make sure that ID of such texts starts with "t_".
After all the custom texts were added, import the data from Google Sheets into your shop-bot ("Configuration""Integration" tab → "Google Sheets" section → "Texts" section → click "Import" button).

Now you can use the custom texts as button labels, welcome message, checkout steps.

You will have to use syntax like this: $t_custom_text$.

If you are using a variable like that - other text cannot be entered in the same fields (i.e. you are not able to input "Hello $t_custom_text$", it should be just "$t_custom_text$")
To translate categories names, open "Categories" sheet.

You need to add a new column with the name
translation.label.lang_id where lang_id — the language id of the translation in that column.

We have three languages in our example — English, Russian and Ukrainian, so we add three columns:


after that you can proceed and add all the necessary translations to these columns.

Almost the same procedure can be done to add translations for the product name and description.

Open "Product" sheet and add a new column with the name
translation.name.lang_id product name translation,
translation.description.lang_id — product description translation.

In our example we will add six more columns:


At the end, our sheets should look like this (see the pictures).
To enable already configured "Multilingual" add-on, go to "Add-ons""Multilingual" section → click "Settings".

Make sure the add-on is enabled and you have added language codes.
Give your customer an ability to change the language.

Go to "Interface" and add a "Settings" type button (can be added only after the add-on is enabled).
After the add-on full configuration has been done, all customers will be forced to select a language in the shop-bot. All variables used as button labels and messages will be replaced with text in the chosen language.
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