Step 3: Configure a Checkout Flow
Think through the sequence of questions
Set up checkout
Proceed to the next step!

1. Think through the sequence of questions
We advise you to think through the sequence, the number of questions and the checkout questions themselves in advance.

2. Set up checkout
If you are going to connect a payment gateway, instead of setting up some of the steps, you can selectively request from the client: name, delivery address, email and phone number.

More details in the Step 4.
Adding products to a parent category is not recommended.
2.1. Go to the "Settings" page→ "Checkout" tab.

2.2. Add and customize the number of steps you need.

2.3. Save your settings.

3. Proceed to the next step!
If you DO NOT plan to accept payments through the payment gateways, you can skip the Step 4 and go directly to Help Center to learn more about your shop-bot!
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