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    Step 4: Connect payment gateways
    Choose the appropriate service for accepting payments
    Get an acquiring token
    Save the acquiring token in the dashboard
    Make changes to the checkout
    Read the rules and guidelines
    Proceed to the next step!

    1. Choose the appropriate service for accepting payments
    Not all services support convenient in-bot payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    If the order amount is less than $1.00 USD or more than $10,000 USD, Telegram will not start the payment process.
    Payments in the currency of the Belarusian ruble (BYN) are not yet supported by Telegram.

    2. Get an acquiring token
    2.1. Go to @BotFather.

    2.2. Send /mybots to the chat.

    2.3. Choose your bot.
    2.4. Choose "Payments" and select the service you want to connect.

    If you want to test payment service first, choose "Test".
    If you are ready to accept real payments choose "Live".

    2.5. You will be redirected to the official acquiring chat.
    Instructions may differ for different services. If you encounter difficulties, contact a support of your chosen acquiring service.
    During the connection process, you can receive several tokens, but you only need a token that will be issued by the @BotFather bot at the very end!
    2.6. Follow the instructions to get back into the chat with @BotFather and get the end token.

    Copy this token.

    3. Save the acquiring token in the dashboard
    3.1. Open the dashboard → "Settings" page → "General" tab.
    3.2. Scroll down to the "In-bot payments" section and enable the setting.

    3.3. Click "Edit" button.
    3.4. Click the credit card icon and then:
    1. Enter some name into "Payment system name" field.
    2. Select your chosen payment service in "Payment system" drop-down.
    3. Paste the previously copied acquiring token into the "Payment provider token" field

    3.5. Save settings.
    You can make a checkout process set up easier - just check the boxes next to "Require name", "Require phone number", "Require email", "Require shipping info". In this case you will not have to create steps to request all this data.

    This information will be requested only in case of transition to payment!

    If you are giving your clients an option to place a new order without in-bot payment, make sure you request this data during the checkout steps.

    4. Make changes to the checkout
    4.1. Go to the "Checkout" tab.

    4.2. Add a step.
    4.3. Switch the step type to "Predefined answers".

    4.4. Add the required number of order payment options using the "Add button" button.
    4.5. For the option that should trigger the payment process, enable the "Enables payment" option.

    4.6. Choose a preferred payment system for each predefined option that you have created in the instruction 4.4. (in case you are planning to use more than one payment service).

    4.7. Save settings.

    5. Read the rules and guidelines
    5.1. Make sure your bot complies with rules of the acquiring payment service.

    5.2. List of recommendations when using the Live token:
    • We highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication for the Telegram account that owns the bot.
    • As the owner of the bot, you are fully responsible in case of any conflicts and disputes. You must be prepared to properly handle disputes and refunds that have arisen.
    • To prevent any misunderstandings and possible legal issues, make sure your bot can talk about your store's terms of use. Add a button that will display the user agreement text.
    • You must ensure the support of your customers. Make it clear to whom and where they can contact with a problem or request information related to the order.
    • Add a "Contacts" button to your keyboard with relevant information. You must respond to messages from your customers in a timely manner.

    6. Proceed to Help Center to learn more!
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